Valley Air LLC

Valley Air LLC is an aerial application business dedicated to assist our local farmers/growers to protect and enhance their crops. Each and every one of our crew are well trained and work diligently in order to keep our operation going in order to serve our customers. 

M-18 Dromader

The Fleet

Valley Air's fleet of turbine powered M-18 Dromaders get the job done.  Honeywell TPE-331-10 powered M-18s push out over 1000 horse power per aircraft, allowing each plane to easily carry 600 gallons of material per load.


Multiple Staging locations throughout Idaho 

With landing strips at multiple locations in Idaho, we can get to your crop and get the job done efficiently.  In addition, Valley Air employs multiple pilots with Oregon state licenses, so we're ready for eastern Oregon farmers as well.

Spray Pattern Matters!

Practice Run.

Training makes perfect...

Continually scheduled training exercises keep pilots up to date and prepared for changing regulations.


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